Rising of the Softball Team


Photo Courtesy of Delaney Condon

Delaney Condon

It is that time of the year again! Another spring season starting up. And Timberlane’s softball is looking to make a big impression. With ending last season losing to their rivals Salem in the first round of playoffs, they are looking for a comeback this year going far into the playoffs. 

The team has been working very hard to get ready for the start of their season. These girls are working everyday on fundamentals on hitting, fielding and perfecting their plays. Coach Schoenburger, the head softball coach, has done something a little different this year to prepare for the regular season. He has scheduled 7 scrimmages for the program. This is a great way for the team to get real game practice before the games start. At these scrimmages the team really showed up and saw positive results.

Alexa Salafia, a sophomore on the team, said “I am excited to see how we play as a team together. Also excited to see the improvement throughout the season, and after the preseason scrimmages I feel we are going to have a pretty successful season.” 

With losing 7 solid seniors last year they are looking for the incoming freshman and underclassmen to step up for not only this year but for years to come after. With 18 freshmen trying out this year, it looks like down the road this softball program will be impressive. One freshman tells her insight how she feels about the program.

 Mikayla Salerno says “As a freshman going into tryouts I felt nervous as all freshmen would but I also felt comforted by the upperclassman. They were all very supportive and always cheered me on. As the season goes, I feel that this year the program will do well because we all get along and work together well. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and not only that but we all have the skill sets to compete!” 

Not only do they have skills, the team chemistry is there. By the looks of this team it is prominent that this team has bonded these past few weeks. Practices are high energy and productive. These girls are having fun together while working hard. This makes the team bond and connect. Lets see if this will show on the field when competing in games. “I think the team chemistry is great this year. Everyone seems to be getting along which helps when we go onto a field. the relationship that is formed with any team is extremely important when it comes to actually playing on the field” Says Mackenzie Mlocek senior captain on varsity. 

With the high energy and impressive skill that these girls have, their goal of making it a long way into playoffs is not far out of reach. Very excited to see how these girls grow and progress together as a team. 

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