Prom Specifics

Image courtesy of TRHS Instagram

Image courtesy of TRHS Instagram

Anna Gleckman and Cheyenne Taylor

Prom night is what most students look forward to all throughout high school. It is an exciting time to dress up and go out with your friends or a date. This year we are fortunate enough for it to be held at the Atkinson Country Club. Last year it was held on the football field due to covid. With restrictions being lifted, there is a lot more that can be done.

 With the big day coming up in May, girls have already started shopping for their dresses. There is a prom dress account on instagram that has pictures of the girls’ dresses and where they got them from. that it gives the ones who have not found a dress yet a place to look and make sure no one has the same one. You can find this account @trhsprom22.

Our Class Advisor, Mrs. Libby, stated that prom will be held over at the Atkinson Country Club, on Friday May 20th, at 6 pm. The tickets this year will be less expensive than years in the past, costing $65-$70. The main food that will be given out is mac and cheese and chicken fingers. Now that might not sound like the most “Prom” like food we could have, but she had taken a majority vote and mainly everyone agreed on that instead of the other option, alfredo pasta. 

For everyone that was wondering about how long you need to be in school for on the day of prom; Guidance has made the statement that you must be in school for at least 3 of your classes. If you want to get dismissed during the fourth period you must come into school at 7:20 and be there until your dismissal time. If you do not have a first period you have to report to the cafeteria to sit until your second block. 

This year seniors are finally allowed to bring students from another school which is an awesome opportunity given that the last year seniors were unable to. Prom this year will be fun and exciting for 2022 Seniors since we were not able to have our junior semi last year, and that covid restrictions have been lifted. Hopefully it is a night to remember for those who attend.