What is Fun in New Hampshire?


photo courtesy of Stonehurst Manor

Breeze Dennis

Many people who live in New Hampshire contemplate if they like it or not. This is especially true for young people who have not come to terms with their feelings about winter yet. It is hard to get through winter sometimes, but some people would say we get the best of both worlds here in New Hampshire. In the winter we can go to the mountains and ski, snowboard, sled and tube. In the summer we can enjoy the warm weather while swimming, tanning, and even go to a beach. Another thing that New Hampshire is known for is the beautiful autumns we have. There are a variety of things to love here.

Each season that we have offers a lot of different things people can do. So it’s open to a lot of people and offers things for everyone. I personally love warm weather so, some examples of the best things to do coming from a summer person is taking a trip to the beach with your friends, exploring natural pools, and going to the lake. These are always fun day trips you can do with friends or family. You can even take your dog with you to most of these places if you want. 

Doing any of these things is so fun to do to get out of the house and see beautiful sights in some nice weather. Some of my personal favorite beaches are Rye Beach, NH and Hampton Beach, NH. These both have available parking for the day and a beach to sit on with beautiful water to swim in. Some of my favorite natural pools are Breezy Point swimming Hole, Warren NH and Diana’s Bath, North Conway NH. These both have breathtaking sights to see in nature that I have been going to with family and friends since I was young. There are spots to jump off of rocks into the water but also walk around in small swimming holes. My favorite lake in New Hampshire is Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. I have a lakehouse on China Lake that I’ve spent the past 6 years spending my summers atg and mang memories with family and friends that I will never forget. However, you do not need a lake house to have fun at a lake. Lake Winnipesaukee is a great and CLEAN lake to take a day trip with your favorite people. 

For the people who are interested in more winter activities, there is aot for you too. New Hampshire has some beautiful mountains for you! I have never skied or snowboarded in my life because I dislike winter, but Timberlane Senior, Chloe Saulnier, has got you covered with advice about New Hampshire’s best mountains. ¨Pats Peak in Henniker, NH is a great place for everybody. They have little slopes that are friendly for beginners but also have big ski slopes for a crazier run. It is very big overall and it super fun”. She goes on to talk about her other favorite ski mountain, Loon Mountain in Lincoln and Livermore, NH. ¨Loon Mountain also has a variety of ski slopes to choose from. They are very inclusive to everyone and have something for everyone.¨ She explains.

Everyone who lives in New Hampshire knows how beautiful the foliage during the fall is. Most people are either summer or winter people, but there are fall people out there. Some fun things to do in the fall to enjoy the beauty of the state during that time would be to go to the mountains to see the views. Hikes in beautiful orange scenery is always a great way to connect with nature’s beauty. There are inexpensive things that you can do too such as pumpkin carving or apple picking with your family and friends.

No matter what your favorite time of year is, there are plenty of things you can do in the state of New Hampshire.. Be open to trying new things and you might find out you love something a lot more than you thought you did. There are many family or friend activities here. Have an open mind and adventure out of your comfort zone. There is a lot to see!