Flamingos Coffee Bar


Photo courtesy of Audrey Perreault

Audrey Perrault

The latest coffee trend was started by Flamingos Coffee Bar in Hampton NH. The coffee shop has created a flight of lattes for every season. A flight of lattes is four lattes in a smaller size made for sampling. The newest flight is a St. Patrick’s day theme named “LUCK O’ THE ‘MINGOS FLIGHT.” The new flavors include “The Nutty Irishman”, “Pot O’ Gold”, “Shamrock Shake Latte”, and “The Salty Leprechaun.” The lattes within the flight are available iced and they are also available with dairy-free options such as almond milk and oat milk. You can order each latte individually as well. 

In the past, the coffee shop has offered different flight options as well for different holidays and seasons. They have had a valentine’s day flight, Christmas flight, two different versions of a winter flight, and even a fall flight. Each flight contains unique flavors not found anywhere else. The cost of the current flight costs $17.95 before tax. 

Recently I made the trip to Hampton to taste the new St. Patrick’s day flight. Unfortunately I had to substitute the “Nutty Irishman” for a different flavor. The flavors I was able to try were the “Pot O’ Gold”, “Shamrock Shake”, and the “Salty Leprechaun”. Each of these lattes had their own unique flavor profile that was very different from the next. The “Pot O’ Gold” latte tasted of caramel and Irish cream. The “Nutty  Irishman” would have had flavors of pistachio and toasted marshmallow. The “Shamrock Shake” had a mint base with vanilla and hints of white chocolate. Lastly the “Salty Leprechaun” was a mocha, caramel, and a hint of butterscotch latte. 

As much as I enjoyed tasting the lattes, they were a bit pricey for the amount of coffee actually in the flight. Each latte was a small glass, and each was filled at least halfway with ice. I thought that the concept was great and the decoration of the flight was wonderful. I would recommend trying the seasonal flight to anyone. Although I believe it would be a nice treat, it is certainly not something to be enjoyed everyday. 

The owner of Flamingos Coffee Bar, Mackenzie Logan, explains why she opened the coffee shop, “So much was lost during the pandemic, but it left a space for new things to grow… we want to bring back the  joy of the neighborhood coffee shop.” She has done just that, the environment at the shop is impeccable. The bright colors and friendly staff open a welcoming place for anyone to enjoy a cup of coffee.