New Pi Day


Photo Courtesy of Pillsbury

Michael Herchenroder

Timberlane – March 14th, otherwise known as 3/14 day, 3.14 day, or pi day.

March 14th, 2020 was the last pi day celebrated at Timberlane Regional High School where students brought in store bought pies for a ticket to hand into their math teacher for a free 100% quiz grade. Meanwhile, students would also have been able to purchase slices of pie for only a dollar in the same room they brought their donated pies. This day at Timberlane had been celebrated for two decades with the help of Timberlane’s Math Honor Society and now it has changed. 

The new pi day, still hosted by Timberlane Regional High School’s Math Honor Society, now rewards students with the entrance into a raffle to throw a pie at one of the math teachers or administrators they chose from a group of volunteering teachers such as Mr. Cunningham, Mrs. Harbel, Mr. Strange, and the principal, Mr. Vaccarezza. Students were still able to purchase slices of pie and the proceeds would still go to MHS, but how do the students feel about this new change?

Jack Carrubba feels that “it is still good to run the event for the students but it’s disappointing that the quiz grade is not an option anymore”. He believes that the amount of donations by the students probably weren’t as much as previous years but it’s good to see that the event was still held.

Ethan Stewart, member of the Math Honor Society, misses the way that the old pi day felt. Ethan thinks more kids felt inclined to participate for the better incentive. One of the benefits from this year’s pi day Ethan thinks is that “the pie throwing event will be a lot of fun for the students”.

Pi day has been changed most likely forever for better or worse with an obvious outcome of a marginally less amount of donations. Hopefully, the “pie the teachers” event will be very influential and enticing for students to want to participate even more for next year. March 14th may have changed but the Timberlane holiday is not going anywhere.