Timberlane Owls Wrestling


Bryce Parker

As it gets closer and closer to February nineteenth, the wrestlers are doing everything they can to prepare for the 2022 state tournament. The Timberlane Owls are undefeated this year with-in-state teams Not only are the Owls undefeated this year but they have been undefeated instate since 2007 with over 200 wins. The Owls have a very strong team with 7 of the 14 varsity guys being seniors. Being a part of the team is an honor. When you are part of Timberlane wrestling you are not  just part of a wrestling program you are part of a legacy that started many years ago. 

The 2022 wrestling team has a great number of kids ranked in New England. At 145 pounds Konrad Parker is ranked 6th, at 160 pounds Anthony Rousseau is ranked number 4, at 182 pounds,  Bryce Parker is ranked number 2, at 195  Dom Pallaria is ranked number 6, at 220 Cooper Kelley is ranked number 1, and lastly at 285 Malaki colon is ranked 10. Having so many good wrestlers gives  the Owls a special opportunity of potential  to do something that hasn’t happened in a few years. 

In the practice room, there hasn’t been any less than the best effort . Everyone on the team is working hard, drilling is focused, partners are pushing each other harder and harder to prepare for the postseason. Head coach Dan Donovan isn’t letting off the gas,  pushing us to do better in the wrestling room, and the classroom every day. Coach Donovan is  Teaching us different ways to overcome negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Donovan said ‘’replacing the negative thoughts can increase how you perform.’’   These are  all very good things to not only have in wrestling but in life as well. 

This year is a special year for the Owls. It isn’t just another state championship. If we were to win again this year it would be the 28th year  that the Owls had won the state title. Something virtually unheard of in sports. Not only is it hard to win one state title, winning 28 titles would be something special. This team will hopefully win New England only a couple of teams in history have done.