Why Meditation is Important


photo courtesy of Anthony Iglesias

Mia Ryder

Life is filled with obstacles that we are all trying to overcome. It is only natural that people juggle the anxiety of stress that comes with those obstacles. However, too much stress and anxiety can leave a negative effect on one’s overall mentality and mental health altogether. This is why it’s important to manage these issues through the healthy outlet of meditation. 

There are many different aspects of meditation for people to practice, all depending on their beliefs and characteristics. This is why beginners should test the waters of meditation through different methods before sticking to one form for a period of time. Meditation often involves other things such as yoga, crystal practice, breathing exercises, and nature sound applications. Whatever works best for you and your mental health should be practiced to help keep a controlled psyche. Consistency leaves a major impact on the success of your meditation. Whether you meditate once or twice a day, being consistent with your meditation  allows your mind a much needed break. “It’s far more powerful to meditate 10 minutes a day than to meditate for 60 minutes once a week. Consistency is what lets meditation really seep into your mind and make a lasting impact.” The Leadership Institute states. 

The extent of anxiety varies for each person. Some people only get anxious under certain situations, and others suffer the restraints of anxiety everyday constantly facing a battle with themselves to do normal everyday things. As a result, some may need meditation more than others. Being someone who needs meditation to function throughout the week, I can honestly say my mental health, and the rollercoaster of inner thoughts I possess, has been more peaceful and controlled. MayoClinic voices, “Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. During meditation, you focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress.” This quote relays how just a few minutes of meditation can assist your quality of life entirely. However, it is important to realize that meditation may not always give instant results. One cannot expect meditation to solve all their problems. Meditation is a practice that should be practiced multiple times before understanding the healthy aura and mindset it relays to help aid you through the obstacles in life. 

Meditation comes in many different forms, so it can be difficult to decide what form you would like to practice. A very common form of meditation is called Mindfulness Meditation. The reason it is so popular is because one can practice in any setting starting from your bed to your place of work. It is designed to ground you and help shield your mind from surrounding pressures and tension. If you are a beginner, I would recommend starting with this form of meditation because of how simple and effective it is. You can literally start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. Helpguide.org shares “…most religions include some type of prayer or meditation technique that helps shift your thoughts away from your usual preoccupations toward an appreciation of the moment and a larger perspective on life.” Mindfulness helps people see the bigger picture, rather than stressing over tiny details in their lives. 

Meditation is a unique stress reliever due to its application. Do you find yourself dedicating a time of your day to relaxation and quiet? You may be meditating without even realizing! The body is a temple filled with puzzles to be organized and solved. Something as simple as a mental break can be the difference between a horrible or pleasantly productive day. Business does not have to involve stress.