Should You Spend $40 on a Yeti Water Bottle?


photo courtesy of MyGolfSpy

Devon Chambers

When you think of a Yeti, you may imagine a tall, strong, white, and scary monster that lives up in snowy mountains. However, YETI is a company that specializes in coolers and drinkware. The water bottles they manufacture are certainly strong like the mythical creature. 

There are plenty of products from YETI to choose from that can satisfy your needs. YETI produces tumblers, ramblers, mugs, and bottles all with a wide variety of colors and sizes to select, even limited edition colors. According to YETI’s Facebook talking about their color selections, “New colors are inspired by true events.” Currently online and in select stores you can buy the limited edition color, Harvest Red, which is my personal favorite. It seems as though it is a popular color this year within the school because there have been many students as well as assistant principal Mr. Brown with this color.

YETI strives for the durability of their bottles so there is no need to worry about being rough with them. Originally, YETI was all about making coolers that are good for the outdoors. The owner and his brother state on their website about starting YETI, “Not only was it a hassle to replace our coolers after each season, but also these cheaply built, ordinary ice chests were limiting our good times.” Needless to say, they were tired of cheap products that would not last. On the YETI website you can find the technology used in each product. Current YETI water bottles use kitchen-grade stainless steel so they can withstand, as YETI says, “taking a tumble out of the truck or down a boulder.” The bottle also has a double wall vacuum insulation and is great for keeping drinks cold or hot. 

Mia Ryder’s mom works for the cyber security part of YETI, and they receive good discounts on their purchases. In an interview with Mia, she was asked if she likes the bottles she uses. She says, “I like them. Every morning I put a few ice cubes in with my water and by the end of the day, my drink is still ice cold. These bottles are also great for when you wake up in the middle of the night and want a gulp of cold water. I also like how every part of the bottle is dishwasher safe.” 

In my personal experience I have really enjoyed the YETI water bottle. I used to use Hydro Flask, a competing water bottle company, and while my drinks would stay cold, my water would not stay cold as long as my YETI. Whenever I dropped my Hydro Flask it would easily dent when dropped, and was very unpleasant to look at. I also really enjoy the “chug cap” on the YETI water bottles because it allows for easy sipping. When drinking out of my Hydro Flask, water would flow down my cheeks and onto my clothes whenever I tilted it too quickly.

My YETI was a Christmas gift from my brother. However, if I ever had to or wanted to buy another water bottle, I would stick with YETI because I cannot say I have had any complaints. Though the 26 ounce bottle costs $40, it is a great investment for those looking for a great water bottle.