The Life Of Betty White

Bryce Parker

Betty Marion White Ludden was born in 1922 only a couple days short of 100 years old, only a couple days short of a century before tragically dying of a stroke. The  actress and comedian was a pioneer of television in the early 1940s.

Her life started in a small town in Alhambra California where she moved when she was just one year old. But , a few years down the road ,she moved to Los Angeles. It was a hard time for the White family living in the 1930s. They lived during the Great Depression, so it was hard at times for her father to provide for the family. At times, Bettie’s father built and sold crystal radios  wherever and whenever he could; he would also trade the radios for other things like food and basic  essentials. Betty attended the Horace Mann elementary school during the 1930s. She was interested in wildlife and had the dream to become a park ranger. She was not  able to achieve that dream back then because women were not allowed to become park rangers.

During Bettie’s first few years of her career her first job was in the modeling business, which led to her first acting role at the  Bliss Hayden Theatre. Betty white was an inspiration during world war ll. She volunteered her own time to help out and she joined the American women’s service. She would help supply the military with the things that they needed. After the war, Betty was looking for jobs to start her career she was rejected by studios because she wasn’t “pretty enough,” but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream, she switch over to looking for radio shows and trying to do everything she could to get a job often doing things like singing and making crowd noises for free or as little as 5 dollars a show. That led to radio shows offering her her own show. She hosted her own show with a man by the name of Al Jarvis. After 4 years co hosting Al Jarvis had retired and Betty took over the show all by herself. 

Throughout the years Betty had gotten many roles in radio shows acting roles and once television started to get big, Betty had gotten many acting roles and opportunities for her own shows. In the year of 1983 Betty white was the first female actor to win a daytime Emmy award for the category of the most outstanding game show host. During the 2010s Betty had hosted SNL,  and the show called Hot in Cleveland. 

Betty has many achievements including five primetime Emmy awards, two daytime Emmy awards,  and three American comedy awards. She met with Barack Obama, one of the former presidents of the United States and she also has her own star on the Hollywood walk of fame. On December 31st the media television and radio business lost a great woman who had paved the way for women of tv, and radios as we know it today.