No More Cream Cheese?


photo courtesy of Taylor Holt

Taylor Holt

As food prices skyrocket some of our favorite products become extremely unaffordable. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the website Trading Economics, “Cost of food in the United States increased 6.30 percent in December of 2021 over the same month in the previous year. It is the highest food inflation since October of 2008.” Which creates evidence to back up the statement. Additionally, a  national shortage has hit, and one of America’s beloved foods Cream Cheese is running low. There is now a national Cream Cheese shortage due to the impacts of the Supply Chain problem. In October, a cyber-attack sent a virus to a very important Cream Cheese company which made them stop production. Prior to the attack, cream cheese demands were already high.


Another reason we have a shortage is due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, which does not seem to be going away. The pandemic creates a higher demand which cannot always be met which is why we have so many food shortages in our country right now. According to The Washington Post, “A schmear shortage has befallen the United States in recent weeks, albeit unevenly. In New York City, bagel shops report being hit particularly hard, with some scaling back usually hefty dollops slapped on cinnamon raisin and sesame. The restaurant chain Junior’s recently halted production of its classic New York-style cheesecake three times amid the shortage.” This article informs people more about how the Cream Cheese shortage is affecting local businesses and grocery stores. Due to the Pandemic, they are not able to get the correct amount of cream cheese because their supplier does not meet their standard.


The shortage of Cream Cheese has hit Americans hard it doesn’t help that the shortage came just around the holidays when everyone’s rushing to get cheesecake. In addition, according to Emily Hatt, “ I went to Dunkins a few weeks ago to get my favorite thing, a bagel with cream cheese. I love cream cheese and every time I go I always ask for extra. But, this time when I asked they informed me ‘we cannot give out extra cream cheese we are sorry but there is a shortage.’ I couldn’t believe it!”.This shows how bad these shortages are becoming; let’s hope we don’t run out of cream cheese.