Slippers: Are they good?


photo courtesy of Emily Hatt

Emily Hatt

Many people believe that slippers are only meant to be worn in the house. However, they can be worn with almost anything and keep you comfortable throughout the day. There are many different slippers that can be great for any outfit, and some are even meant to be worn outside. Although some slippers are not traditionally meant to be worn out, they still can be.

There are great benefits to wearing slippers in the house. According to Vionic Shoes, walking on hard surfaces with bare feet can contribute to foot pain. Slippers help to diminish this pain. In public places, they can help to prevent bacterial infections especially on very dirty floors. Compared to normal shoes, slippers are warmer and easier to put on. Also, slippers tend to improve balance and help to support your feet. There are different features that can be seen on slippers such as soles, footbeds, and heel cups to support everyone’s needs. 

Slipper companies make certain types of slippers to specifically be worn outside. Vionic Shoes says, “the best outdoor-friendly slippers include moccasins, clogs, mules, sandal-style slippers, and slides.” They believe that these types of slippers are the best to be worn outside, because they have better soles and are more weather resistant. One thing to consider when choosing a pair of slippers is where they will be worn.

Personally, my favorite slippers are Ugg slippers, with a close second being LL Bean. They are my favorites because they are very simple, and I can wear them with anything. They help keep my feet warm in the winter because of the sheepskin lining inside.. 

The slippers that I have from LL Bean are the ‘Wicked Good Slippers.’ On the LL Bean website they state, “With over 4 million pairs sold over the last 5 years, it’s clear customers think our Wicked Good Slippers deserve the title of Best Slippers Ever Made. They make such a great gift that we sell a pair every 7 seconds during our peak in December.“ It is clear that a lot of people enjoy these slippers considering how many have been sold. They have a 4.5 out of five star rating on the website. 

My favorite slippers are not the most affordable for everyone, but almost any store sells them, and they can be found for about $10 to $15. For example, I have bought slippers from Target and Kohls. They are about ten to fifteen dollars there, and although they are not  the best quality, they are still very good. They have so many different color and style options at these stores, and something can most likely be found for almost anyone to enjoy. I am not the only person who loves wearing slippers. Ashley Hatt, a Timberlane student says, “I love slippers. I wear them almost every day because of the convenience. They are so easy to put on and go with just about any outfit.” Another Timberlane student, Breeze Dennis, says, “I love wearing slippers when I want to be comfortable. There are so many different kinds and colored slippers that I can find a pair to wear with anything.” As you can tell, lots of people enjoy wearing slippers out of the house.