What is “Hands?”


Photo Courtesy of Nick Merrill

Hands are when someone says something out of pocket. For example, if someone says “ I like trigonometry”. That would be class 1 hands, because no one likes trigonometry. A class 2 hands is something much much worse. Class 3 hands would be something unspeakable. 

The results of a quick interview in 4A Journalism are the following: 

40% of the class know what hands are, or know at least the basics of it. 60% of the class doesn’t know anything about hands. These numbers must change!

Ethan Stewart, an innovator of hands, said “ it regulates people saying dumb stuff, it makes you think before you speak.” Ethan is in the midst of writing the “hands” rule book with John Kayyal. 

Hands started small in our sophomore year, but it didn’t take off until senior year. It definitely died down because of COVID and school being online. John, also an innovator of “hands” said “not everything is hands, because somethings get misinterpreted.” 

Hands are a way of people  being able to give consequences to their friends that might say some weird things. Hands aren’t any form of bullying, it’s more of a way for your friends to think before they speak. 

If someone says “hands” you don’t really have the choice to argue it, you just have to hold your hand out and prepare for it. It is not usually up for debate. You either know what you said wasn’t right or you have maybe 5 seconds to explain yourself. 

When getting “hands” you can’t pull your hand out of the way when the person giving “hands“, that would result in another slap. You just have to accept it and man up to your actions and take it. 

Also the person giving “hands” has the choice of how hard he wants to slap. Usually something that is class 1 would be a light slap, then something class 2 would be harder. Under different situations it depends on how one might slap, if it’s cold out one might slap softer because it hurts more. But it all depends on how the person doing the slapping is feeling because they might go all in or know the circumstances and go a little easy. 

Hands are something that is meant to be fun with your friends, except if it’s a class 3.  What is something that you would classify as “hands?”