Seabrook Shooting


Photo Courtesy of Daily News

One killed and one wounded in a double shooting in Seabrook, NH. The shooting happened on Monday November 1, 2021. The police received a call about the shooting around 9:03am on Monday morning. The shooting was located at 19 Boynton Lane in Seabrook, NH. 

When officers arrived at the scene a man was found dead in the driveway at the location. Another man was found wounded from a gunshot. There was a third man who had run away from the scene. He is not in custody but he was identified. There had been no charges and no arrests on the day of the shooting. 

A man named Benjamin J. Agati, a New Hampshire senior assistant attorney general, said that the man who was wounded because of the shooting is in critical condition. And the man who was found dead at the scene will not be released until his family is notified of the situation. There was an autopsy scheduled the following day. 

Man who was believed to pull the trigger was arrested half a mile away on Dwight Avenue. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office and local police had not identified the suspect or released the names of those shot to the public as of Monday afternoon. In critical condition the wounded person was transported to a hospital, said the officer.

A call was received at 9:03 a.m. because of a shooting at 19 Boynton Lane. Upon arrival the officers discovered a body in the drive way and another victim bleeding from a gunshot wound. The alleged killer that fled the scene was first seen in the woods by Salisbury police. He was arrested without incident.

During the time of this search and as it continued they closed down the area and shut down nearby businesses in pursuit of the suspect. This incident drew dozens to the scene. Police made efforts to push people back and search for targets. They had people asking questions and others demanding answers. A woman who claimed to be his mother was begging and crying her way through the crowd demanding to see the body.