Celsius: How Good Is It?


Photo Courtesy of Celsius

Lauren Hayes

Running low on energy? Grab a Celsius and get energized! Celsius is an energy drink advertised to be “your partner in an active lifestyle.” Claiming to focus on movement, Celsius has grown a lot of attention for its healthy take on Red Bulls and Monsters. 

The attention surrounding Celsius comes from its no artificial preservatives or flavors, no aspartame or high fructose corn syrup, and it’s very low amount of sodium, which is rare to see in an energy drink. Celsius has five different products/versions of the drink, with 12 flavors in the original Celsius. These flavors range from a carbonated Fuji Apple Pear to Raspberry Acai Green Tea, which is a non-carbonated option for those who do not favor carbonation. 

Looking at Celsius compared to other energy drinks, like Red Bull, there are many differences that contribute to Celsius being the “better option.” For starters Celsius is a 10 calorie drink, compared to the 110 calories in a Red Bull, but the real difference is seen in the ingredients. Celsius includes various vitamins and minerals, while Red Bull contains much less variety in vitamins and has no minerals. Furthermore, Celsius is sodium free and has 26g less carbohydrates (of which are sugars) than Red Bull. There is also a significant difference in the amount of caffeine with Celsius having 200mg and Red Bull containing just 80mg for an overall smaller serving size. 

Though it may seem that Celsius is the magic potion for weight loss or body recomposition, it does not work alone. The way Celsius is able to increase your metabolism and reduce body fat is with the assistance of exercise. The idea is that this drink will supply the right ingredients and energy to keep your body active to do the work that will change your body composition and lead to the real results. 

So how do these ingredients come together to produce so much energy? Celsius contains MetaPlus®, which is a proprietary blend that enacts thermogenesis to accelerate metabolism and increase caloric burn. Other ingredients including green tea, EGCG, caffeine, guarana seed extract, taurine and ginger root extract work in combination to boost your metabolic rate.

Overall, Celsius is a great option for a boost of energy, especially before a workout. If you are not sensitive to high amounts of caffeine, this may be the drink for you. Depending on your goals, this energy drink offers many benefits including low calorie, low sodium, no artificial sweeteners, variety of vitamins, and much more that can help you obtain an active lifestyle.