Apex Legends 2021 Review

Max Morrier

Respawn Entertainment is the team of creators of the game Apex Legends, and the publisher is EA also known as Electronics Arts.  It had a surprise launch on February 4, 2019, which had battle royale enthusiasts excited to try something new.  

Titanfall and Titanfall 2 are the other games that Respawn made, and they tie into the story of Apex.  Titanfall is more of A Call Of Duty multiplayer experience, while Apex is a battle royale with characters of every race and with their own personality which makes me pick Apex over Titanfall.  

Apex Legends is a standard first person shooter with the rules of battle royale where you drop into an island with 59 other players and fight to be the sole survivor(s).  You have two squad mates who help you fight for control, and unfortunately some teammates are new to the game and do not know what they are doing.

The physics in the game are very unrealistic. For example, you can slide down mountains and hills like you’re skiing, which I prefer over more grounded games like Call of Duty.  There is no fall damage for some reason, so you can jump off anything and this makes it so you can make crazy plays.

At launch there were 8 playable characters called legends who were all very diverse which makes interactions more interesting.  Every legend has a voice actor that voices in other games like Overwatch. One of the new characters named Revenant is voiced by Darin De Paul who also voices Reinhardt in Overwatch.

I don’t like using my mic unless I’m playing with my friends and the legend you pick can do the talking for you for just about anything. The gameplay feels a lot like Titanfall but without the wallrunning and double jumping.  In my opinion the titans, which are controllable robots which have similar traits to transformers, are fun but they can ruin the experience.  That is why Apex is the superior game because it has the best stuff from Titanfall and new stuff that compliments it even more.

In the last two years Respawn has added three new maps in the past couple of updates and they all are a lot different from one another.  There is the desert map called Kings Canyon, an ice and lava map called Worlds Edge, a floating city in the sky called Olympus, and the newest addition is a tropical island called Storm Point.  I like this because it is fun to play in different biomes.  

 They have also added an Arenas game mode which is a 3v3 game mode which has a different type of experience.  You do not have to find loot and instead it is a game mode like CSGO where you buy your loadouts and you fight for supremacy.

Steam in my opinion is the best launcher to play Apex on pc and according to them, the reviews are very positive.  You can go to the Steam website and find the reviews and information about the game.