Timberlane’s Cheer Team Takes The Mat After Two Years


Photo Courtesy of Callie Fitzgerald

After a virtual state competition last year, this season was the first time in two years any high school cheer team competed at an in person event. Looking to build off of last year’s fifth place success, the Timberlane Varsity Cheer Team was looking to make a statement this year. 

The NHIAA State Cheerleading competition took place at Pinkerton Academy on Sunday, November 7th. Among the sixteen teams competing were clear front runners Pinkerton Academy and Dover High school. Other schools such as Salem, Londonderry, Timberlane and Concord were also looking to reclaim their placement in the top.

Timberlane prepared all season long to give the best performance possible. The team felt good about their routine and felt that they were in a good place to finish the season strong. Unfortunately, that all took a turn when the team needed to replace a key component to their team. Flyer and top tumbler Darby Simmons was out for the season with a fractured back. Upon receiving the news, Darby explained that “ [she] constantly felt frustrated because she had no control over how the team was going to perform.”

 With no replacements available, the team quickly got to work reworking the routine with what they had. Lots of people stepped into new spots quickly to make up for lost time. Emily Ahearn, who is usually Darby’s base, had to take her spot as a flyer. Emily says that “Taking Darby’s spot was a lot of pressure because I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to perfect it”  In a little over two weeks, the team had a new routine and was ready to compete at the State Championship. 

The team arrived at Pinkerton ready to go after an encouraging last practice Thursday night. The girls put out a solid performance that they were all proud of. Some said it was the best routine they have produced at States in years. They felt confident going into awards they would place high. 

Unfortunately, the cards did not fall in their favor. They ended up in 12th place in one of the toughest divisions to date. The girls were disappointed with the placement but knew there was nothing else they could have done. They were proud of the routine they put out and how they overcame all the challenges they faced.

The squad will be back next season looking to improve upon this season.