The True Review of Shein


Image courtesy of Shein Official Website

Katie Cullen and Mackenzie Mlocek

Do you want the cheapest yet most trendy clothing in your wardrobe? If so, Shein is the right online shopping place for you. From their shirts, pants, to even bathing suits, Shein improves their style daily with new fashion trends coming out each day. “There are tens of thousands of styles on the retailer’s site, and each day, about 1,000 more are added.” Claims the Shein shopper Terry Nguyen. The clothing is extremely affordable and their online store has a wide variety of things. Most clothing items go for less than $25.00 and items go on sale as well. Not only do they have clothing, they also sell home decor, shoes, and accessories from their website. You cannot go wrong with Shein, especially with the prices.


Shein has been around since 2012, but their sales really expanded when the video app TikTok became popular when avid Shein buyers started showing off their clothes and giving their own reviews. The trend was to buy products off Shein and review them to see if it was worth the buy. Shein is most known for the most up to date trendy clothes and products that are cheap and affordable prices. Searching Shein on TikTok causes many videos to pop up. One in particular was by Daphne who took a video of all the clothes she bought and gave a review. She posted it on the app TikTok for her followers and viewers to see. She stated, “Everything was true to size and came in such great quality… Will definitely be buying from there again.”


Shein is so great it makes you want to order again after the first time.  Once you place your order, shipping can take up to two weeks to be delivered but it is worth the wait. Even with Shein already being an affordable website, they still even have a sales section with prices going as low as $0.49.


After looking at the Shein website, it is obvious that there is a lot to take in, starting with the wide variety of things to shop for. The categories are clothing, beachwear, maternity, active wear, wedding, home, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, stationary, electronics, pets, and beauty. The selection is top notch. Not only that, with each season and holiday comes new ideas. Shein comes out with seasonal and holiday clothing that takes the eyes of many shoppers.


Shein has gone worldwide. Now shipping to over 150 countries and territories worldwide. Shein states, “With websites supporting the United States, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia, and the Middle East, Shein ships from one of its globally positioned warehouses.” The official Shein website also states, “SHEIN aims to provide the highest value trendy pieces while also being dedicated to quality, value and service.” Shein cares about their customers by coming out with the best things they can as well as selling their products all around the world.


Overall, Shein is a benefit to the clothing industry. It has almost anything you could possibly need or want. Not only that, but it is convenient to those who enjoy online shopping. If you are ever looking for an affordable, good quality clothing website, do not be afraid to check out Shein. It could be the way to go.