Uggs: They’re Back


Photo courtesy of HOLA USA!

Owen Kellerman

Face it, Uggs are back. The not-so-unexpected return of the Uggs took the world by storm last year and this year, as a stylish and ever-so comfortable shoe, how could they not make a wild comeback? In fact, the Ugg Corporation made revenue of about 871.8 million dollars in 2020, according to Not only has Timberlane been taken over by newfound Ugg-lovers, but so has the country. 

As Covid-19 hit the country, the terms ‘lazy fashion’ and ‘slob chic’ made an unforgettable comeback. It swept over the nation in a world where everyone needed some type of lazy and comfort in their lives, and at the center of the hot trend stood Uggs. In fact, reports that,  “Ugg’s recent quarterly earnings call also revealed that the brand had seen a 2.5% increase in net sales in its second quarter compared to sales for last year.” 

 Uggs to many are the perfect addition to a sweat suit or pajamas, adding that last touch of comfort needed to finish off the outfit. According to avid Ugg wearer, Josh Andrade, “They’re an incredibly comfortable shoe to wear for both short and long periods of time, and despite the super fuzzy interior, they’re quite breathable.”

 Many students would agree with Josh, including myself. One can prove their unmissed popularity by stepping into the school hallway, and seeing just how many people use the boots to finish off an outfit. Others are trying to get their hands on some, like Grace Pascucci, “I need them, I’ll do anything for Uggs. Anything. The right ones can be hard to find though, they’re in high demand.” Like many, Grace has tried a few times to get the boots, but they have not been in stock in her size.

Starting in 2020 through 2021, celebrities like Jlo, Kendall Jenner, Pharrel and Drake all embraced the Ugg culture, wearing them out as a fashion statement rather than a comfort staple. Often celebrities style them with sweatpants or their gym outfits as well as professionally, in nicer outfits. As celebrities begin to explore the world of Uggs yet again, they continue to remind people of the nostalgia of the early 2000’s when they originally blew up, which is adding to the heightened popularity. According to New York Times, “…nostalgia for trends from the early aughts has experienced a renaissance in recent years, fueling a fervor for Puma sneakers, Prada nylon bags and other brands of the era. And while Uggs have been derided by some as downright unattractive, ugly shoes are popular in certain cool-kid circles.” Though some may call them ugly, the ugliness of the shoe is partially what makes them incredibly desirable. According to Gabe Gerhard, “The Ugg is an odd shoe, they’re kinda ugly, but they’re super comfortable, and the eccentric style of the shoe is really desirable in today’s world.”

In all, the rise of the Ugg really was not so unexpected. In fact, the world was ready for it. As Timberlane students and celebrities alike continue to step out in the iconic boots, it is easy to assume Uggs are here to stay. In the end, the uniquity, nostalgia, and comfort they provide proves that they are not just a slipper, but a fashion statement, and they’re back for good.