Class of 2022 – StuCo’s Plan for Money Shortage


Photo courtesy of Nick Kellan

Nick Kellan

Heading into their senior year, the class of 2022 was about $15,000 short of their target budget. With only a few months left until prom, the task was placed upon the student council’s seniors to solve this crisis.

Most years, a class can acquire a large portion of their senior budget during Junior Semi. However, there’s not a soul that can agree that the 2020-2021 school year was similar to most years. The class of 22’s Semi was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions in the Timberlane district. Many juniors pleaded for a semi later in the year, but found no luck. This year, senior class representatives and class advisor, Miss Libby, have a plan to reach their goal of Prom 2022 at the Atkinson Country Club. On October 2nd and 3rd, senior representatives and other volunteers handed out water to runners at the SmuttyNose Rockfest Roadrace, pulling in about $2,000. Events in October include the Ice Cream Sundae fundraiser on the 21st, and a Panera fundraiser on the 30th. 

More fundraisers are to come later in the year to fill up the senior bank. These consist of the Timberlane gear fundraiser in November, the Faculty/Staff talent show in January, and a Papa Gino’s fundraiser in March. Members of the senior class do not have to be in the student council to help out. Anyone can help by attending class events, and participating in the class fundraisers.