Should you Buy a Comfy?

Photo courtesy of Emily Hatt

Photo courtesy of Emily Hatt

Emily Hatt

Have you ever wanted to wear a sweatshirt and a blanket at the same time? Well, now you can with a Comfy. Some people might ask why they would buy one of these instead of just putting a blanket on. There are many reasons why you should invest in a comfy.

The Comfy website states that “The Comfy® Original™ wearable blanket’s huge, one-size-fits-all design combines an ultrasoft microfiber exterior with a luxurious, sherpa-lined interior to make you think you’re being hugged by a cloud.” The original Comfy design features a hood, large arms, a big pocket, and it is oversized. 

This was the first type of comfy, but since then they have also created a lighter version, quarter zips, and kids versions, so that they can be enjoyed by people of all ages with different preferences. They also come in different patterns including camouflage, tie dye, and plaid. If you want a more neutral color, they have gray, black, and blue. They also make limited edition ones for certain holidays. All of these different designs can be found on their website.

Comfies are very soft, they fit anyone, and they are warm. They are only $39.99 which is a good price, because they can be worn many times throughout the year. The lighter version allows you to wear it in some of the warmer months. 

The co-founders are brothers from Arizona. On their website, they tell the story of how the idea of the Comfy was formed. On a chilly day, one of the brothers saw his nephew with a blanket and a sweatshirt on and he had the idea that they should combine the two. It took a while, but in 2017 they produced their final prototype. They participated in an open call audition to Shark Tank, and got invited to appear on the show. They made a deal with Barbara Corcoran on the show. 

They were able to get Comfies on shelves in Costco, Macys, Target, and other major retailers in the country. A couple years later in 2020, Comfies were available online, advertised on social media, and sold at many other retailers. They are now available in eighty different countries, and the company has a net worth of over 150 million dollars. 

Comfies are popular among many people. Timberlane student Breeze Dennis says, “They’re great for cold winter days. They are like wearing a blanket. They are so soft and do an amazing job at keeping you warm. I would totally recommend that everyone buys a Comfy.” Ashley Hatt states, “this is the most comfortable item I have ever worn! I love it so much! Everyone should go out and buy one right now, to get the best item on the market!” They are not the only ones who love the product. 

The Comfy Original has over 57,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.8 star rating. According to Nikki, who left a five star review, “at first I was like… let’s have a laugh and buy one, with low expectations… Well… I’m ’bout ready to move into this thing because it’s comfy AF. Best $40 spent in a loooong time… it was super cold outside, even with the fire pits that were going, this thing kept me sooooooo snug and warm. Anyhoo, long story short… if you get cold and like to be cozy AF while still able to move around freely… GET THIS.” As you can tell from Nikki’s review, this product is not only fashionable but also functional. It can keep you warm at any event. 

Comfies can be worn by anyone of any size and age at any time of the year. They are inexpensive, and easy to just throw on when you are cold. They are loved by thousands of people across the world, and they have taken off extremely quickly since they were launched in 2017. Winter is coming up and it is getting colder outside, so everyone should buy a Comfy.