Senior Assassin Takes Over TRHS

Image courtesy of @ths22assassin on instagram

Image courtesy of @ths22assassin on instagram

Anna Gleckman

The class of 2022 senior assassin game has seniors begging for mercy. This game is not affiliated with Timberlane Regional High School in any way. According to the games instagram page, senior assassin begins with everyone paying a $5 acceptance fee and then each senior will be given a target. Three additional rules of the game are to DM the instagram account “Im in”, to sign up and you will be messaged the name of your target prior to the start of the game. Lastly, once you spray your first target, you will inherit the target of the person you eliminated. These targets are anonymous. Meaning your target and everyone else won’t know who you have.


The seniors must eliminate your target with water; water balloons, water guns, water bottles, etc. are all permitted for use. To eliminate your target, a video or picture must be sent into the game’s instagram account, for your kill to be confirmed. If you do not send in a picture there will be no proof of your kill. At the end of each round the remaining players will be sent out new targets, as this process will repeat until a winner is declared. 


In the game there will be a series of rounds that last one week. At the end of each round, remaining players will be sent a new target. In the final round, those left will compete to win the entire sum of the entry money given by the players in the game. The rules and requirements of the game are displayed and updated on the @ths22assassin instagram page weekly. The account is anonymously run, leaving us to wonder who is the one behind deciding our fate. 


Each kill is posted on the page, showing no mercy to those eliminated. The account currently holds 190 followers and fans of the game. 


To keep the game controlled, safe zones were provided. 

Safe Zones include: 

  • The entire grounds of Timberlane Regional High School 
  • Any School events
  • Religious events
  • Cars while driving
  • Inside homes without invitation in 
  • Work: Not allowed to approach a target while one is going to or at work. Though leaving work is fair game

The assassin must use water, and water only to make a kill. Teamwork and truces are allowed but the assassin must be the one to take out their target. The assassin will be safe for 15 minutes after a completed kill. 

The account requests all players to play safe and fair, as any foul play will result in disqualification. The game started with over 55 players, and only about 20 that still remain. While there have been 32 merciless kills so far. The remaining fear of the humiliation to come. 

Player John Kayyal spoke on his elimination, “It was out of nowhere and was very unfortunate”. Another player Nick Merrill said, “It feels great to be a successful assassin in the game. There is no better feeling than getting your target out each week, and continuing in the game. I’m winning, it’s simple.” 


Now we wait for the winner to be declared, of who will receive 100% of the entry money from the game!