Is Thrifting For You?

Breeze Dennis

Who does not love being creative while saving money? Thrifting is a way to express your style in your own way while on a budget. A lot of people use thrifted clothes and turn them into something new to fit their style. There is so much you can do with thrifted clothes such as cutting or sewing them or leaving them the same. There are many options on how to transform them into your own piece of clothing for a great price. If you do not know how to cut or sew, that is fine. You can leave your great finds just the way they are. 

Thrifting also allows you to widen your style and try new things. Most people do not want to spend the money on new expensive clothes if it is out of their comfort zone. However, for cheap money, you can try new things without the commitment. Upcycling old thrifted clothes is a way to be creative and find your inner style.


I personally love thrifting. I think it is very great to lean out of your comfort zone with your style while being creative. The thrift stores I like going to are Salvation Army, and thrift stores near Boston. If you go near more populated areas, you tend to find better things with a much bigger variety of options. It is a really fun thing to do with friends or even alone, on a budget of course. Some of my favorite things I have gotten thrifting are mostly all of my vintage oversized sweatshirts. They are great for winter in the cold, while still looking good.


A Timberlane student, Taylor Holt says, “I go all the time, the other day I got an adorable sweatshirt that was originally $50 and I got it for $8. I love to cut and make clothing into new things. It is super fun and allows you to make things your own.” Taylor spends a lot of her time at Savers in Plaistow finding new things to make her own!


Sean Chanakira says “I like thrifting because you can find stuff that is already broken in. You can also find older things that you can’t find now in modern stores.” As you can see, many people are big fans of thrifting.


Overall, if you want to try different things with your style, thrifting is a great place to start. It allows you to be open minded to new things and find your true style. It is a fun hobby to explore and try new things with.