Claussen Pickle Shortage


Image courtesy of Kraft Foods

Anthony Rousseau

Society has begun to cope with the coronavirus and return to normal. However, there is still one major thing missing from our hearts and supermarkets across the country: Claussen pickles. Claussen pickles are one of the best pickles, and I, as well as many others, have been noticing their shortage on the shelves. 

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, there were shortages of many goods and many supply chains were disrupted. People have had to stay home from work causing this. Although the Claussen pickle shortage has flown under the radar for some time, it is finally becoming apparent. On the account of Food & Wine, one big name brand that has been lacking pickles recently is McDonald’s. This pickle shortage has halted their release of a new hand-breaded chicken sandwich that was said to rival even popeyes. The culprit of this is a tier two supply shortage.

According to SCMR, the Tier-two suppliers are the suppliers that give the goods and products to the tier-one suppliers who in this case is the Claussen company. Then, they sell their product to supermarkets and restaurants like your local McDonalds or Market Basket. When the tier-two suppliers are unable to give the necessary goods to the tier-one suppliers, they cannot sell these goods, and you will not see them on the shelves. This is why we have not been seeing Claussen Pickles

When it comes to the Claussen Pickles specifically, According to Food & Wine, their shortage is due to increased demand for groceries, decreased manufacturing schedules, and a 30 percent decrease in glass recycling. The COVID pandemic is the root of the majority of these issues. People are holding onto the glass to utilize for their own needs. The covid pandemic is causing people to shop more regularly, and it’s causing a decrease in manufacturing schedules. Claussen has reported a decrease in the availability of pickles close to 88% in a lot of locations, and this number will continue to fluctuate based on when they receive the glass they need. When the Vice president of Burger King operations was asked about the new sandwich’s halted release he said “The problem was we couldn’t get the pickles because they couldn’t get the jars during the pandemic.” The lack of glass is the main cause of various pickle shortages, and this depravity is not just the cause of the Claussen pickle shortage.

Joseph Shivell, an avid Claussen pickle consumer is “deeply” affected by this shortage. Joseph’s biggest concern with this shortage is the fact that he “no longer has the perfect side dish to every meal”. He is hoping for a quick return to the shelves for Claussen Pickles so he can enjoy their juicy crunch once more.

Whether or not Claussen Pickles return to the shelves in their full pre-pandemic numbers is uncertain. COVID cases continue to go up and down causing various responses in multiple different supply chains. We may have to wait another month until we can indulge on some Claussen pickles once more.