The Truth Behind Themed Football Games


Photo courtesy of Stacey Condon

Mackenzie Mlocek

As most know, the football season is here and Timberlane High School students are excited. Friday nights is the time for everyone to come together and cheer on our varsity football team as well as cheer and the marching band. It is learned that there is a new theme for the games each week, Hawaiian was the first game, followed by neon, USA, and even pink out. This makes these games ten times more exciting for everyone around, and there is more to it than just matching outfits.


Every week, a group of Timberlane High School students come together and create ideas for what to wear during the football game each friday. After finding out a small group of students started this fun idea, the creator of the group gave her thoughts. Taylor Dionne, a senior at Timberlane, explained why the group organized these theme nights. She said, “It was such a tough year for everyone last year, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spread some spirit and reconnect everyone than to get our sports games hype again. A lot of the themes I came up with myself, like the pink outs for play for a cure, but themes definitely were inspired by some of my friends who had some really good ideas too.” 


Most students of Timberlane love showing up to the games and showing their support. With themes, it makes it even more exciting and many people talk about how excited they are to pick out their outfits each week. All students, even the freshman, stay on the far left side of the bleachers with signs and silly string that is sprayed whenever someone gets a touchdown. One of the games was pink out! Pink out is a very important and meaningful game to lots of fans. We all wear our pink to stand up for those who have gone through breast cancer, along with loved ones who have passed due to this disease. The games are not only enjoyable, but can have a great impact on many who come. It’s not always just about the cheering and the playing. It can mean much more than that.


With all the chaos in the stands, the rising question may be, does this help the football team or does this distract them? Dominic Pallaria of the Varsity Football team shares “everyone loves the fan section themes. It definitely gives us the confidence to go out and play when looking at how big the fan section is.” Not only are these themed games fun and enjoyable, but it also does have some impact on the players out there. The cheering crowd and seeing all the fans in the stands gives these players the confidence they all need to step out and win.


Overall, the themed football games are a fun idea to all involved and really does have a positive impact on the school community. It is great to see the school come together and try and do something fun!