Four Carat Yellow Diamond Found in Arkansas State Park


Photo courtesy of USA Today

Josh Andrade

A woman by the name of Noreen Wredburg and her husband went on a vacation to the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. The couple decided to go to the park after seeing it on a TV show. Some minor rainfall later and the park became perfect for diamond hunting. Noreen was walking the park on the morning of September 23, 2021 when she saw a sparkle coming from the ground. This sparkle turned out to be her 4.38-carat diamond, but there was something unusual about this gemstone. The diamond was bright yellow according to Insider. Noreen and her husband decided to share their findings with the public a few days after the discovery on October 3, 2021.

Within a few hours of walking around the park, Noreen saw a bright beam of light coming from the dirt. According to NBC News, “She was in just the right place to see her diamond sparkle in the morning sunlight.” The diamond was appraised at 4.38-carats. This sets its value anywhere between $3,000-$20,000. In this case, due to its natural yellow color, this particular diamond would be appraised at around $3,500 per carat or close to $15,000. 

On the Arkansas State Park website, they give details as to how someone goes about searching for diamonds. There are three methods that can be used in order to find a diamond. First of which being surface searching. This consists of walking through dirt back and fourth in rows hoping to see a sparkle. Depending on  weather conditions, this could be the more productive method. The next of the three methods, which is also the most common, is digging. When using this method, the searcher must dig within the first six to twelve inches of the soil. This distance provides the best result for the method. The last of the three methods is one of the more difficult ways of going about the task. It includes digging large holes, collecting a specific type of soil, and hand sorting the dirt through a series of sieves. 

In order to be sure that what she found was in fact a diamond, Noreen took the shiny stone to the park’s Diamond Discovery Center, says USA Today. There, the park staff had confirmed that what Noreen and her husband had found was indeed a diamond. Because she found this magnificent stone, she is able to keep it. She also named it after her husband’s cat; Lucy’s Diamond.