Freshman Coming To High School


Photo courtesy of Maddie Fontaine

Maddie Fontaine

Welcome to high school! We’re finally back to a regular school year and it is going to take some getting used to. Let’s all start this year off strong. Are freshmen this year ready to move up to high school? Highschool can feel like a big step up to some people and make them feel like they aren’t ready. Thinking about being in high school can make anyone nervous. This may be because of how different it is from middle school and takes time to get used to. When coming to high school you should work hard in classes and try to reach out to people older than you, just to expand your friend group and meet new people. Another thing is staying organized and setting goals for yourself. These next four years can help you know what you want to do when you’re older. 

This year, one of my brothers is a freshman, and I was curious what his thoughts were about becoming a highschooler. I came up with a few questions to ask him, like if he was looking forward to high school? My brother shared that he was not worried about high school. He explained that “I was looking forward to high school, while I was also very nervous about becoming a freshman.” He had also explained that “I did not think I was ready for high school and thought all my classes would be hard and filled with upperclassmen” . I also asked some of his friends the same questions and they all responded with the same answers as above. 

 Just like for anything, it’s hard to know what something will be like until you’re there. When transitioning from middle school to high school there are many differences to get used to. For example, some classes will be larger than others and you could have students from different grades in your class. You can even pick some of  the classes you want to take and not have to take the same classes three years in a row. Another thing is you will probably have much more school work to do and grades are very important. Of course grades are always important but in high school they matter the most for your future. 

While freshmen are trying to get used to the next four years, I hope they can enjoy their year and have a positive outlook for the years to come. 

Photo courtesy of Maddie Fontaine