What are the Chances?

Emily Hatt and Taylor Holt

It was an early March morning when our friend Brody Waldron got out of bed and checked his phone. His phone was blowing up. He soon discovered he had won a giveaway from Stevewilldoit. Steve told all his followers on Youtube that if they bought his merchandise they would be entered to win a brand new Tesla Model Y. A random app selected Brody over thousands of people. 

When Brody watched this video, he decided to buy Steve’s merchandise to enter the giveaway. After he won, many people started flooding Brody with messages congratulating him. He said he “gained thousands of followers, and was featured on Steve’s Youtube channel twice.” Steve even came to Windham to surprise him with the Tesla and many other gifts, which included a new Rolex and lots of money. 

Brody’s parents did not believe that he had won. In Steve’s Youtube video, he asks Brody’s dad how he felt when he first told him he won. He said “I didn’t believe it. No, no way. So I said to Brody, “Have him call me.” After the call with Steve, he realized that it was true and was astounded.

Brody Waldron is a senior at Windham High School who enjoys football, hockey and hanging out with friends in his free time. His favorite hobby is watching the Nelk boys. 

The Nelk boys are an online group of guys who do funny pranks, they are very famous and have acquired over seven million followers. They are hoping to hit ten million subscribers on Youtube by the end of this year. One of the Nelk boys is named Steve. He has a separate Youtube channel that is called Stevewilldoit, and on this channel, he buys his friends and family different items, one of them being cars. 

Brody spoke with the Hoot, and he said that “at first there were many people that wanted to become friends with me, but as the person I am I wasn’t rude about it. I still talk to everyone that was talking to me before, during, and after the event.” 

Many people only wanted to become friends with him after he had won the giveaway. They saw that he was gaining followers and popularity, and they wanted to act as if they knew him beforehand. A lot of them asked for a ride in the Tesla but were not interested in becoming friends with him. Brody said he is “very grateful for the things that I won, and doesn’t take anything for granted. I was extremely lucky to win this giveaway, but I still work hard to reach my goals for the future.“