North Korea Nuclear Capability

Eric George

North Korea has the fourth strongest nuclear capability in the world.

As of today, North Korea has more nuclear weapons than they have ever had. According to a North Korean news article they make 6-7 bombs a year. They also broke a record in 2020 for having over 40 bombs at the ready whenever they wanted them. They have as many as 22 nuclear factories to help them build bombs faster. They started making bombs in shipping yards they would use the kranes that drop the boats in to help them lift up the heavy metal. 

One of there largest test ever recorded was on september 3rd in 2017 the explosive power ranged anywhere from 100-370 kilotons. This would make the test six times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. The Soviet Union helped build North Korea’s nuclear weapons.  The first test they ever did was on october 9th 2006. The last two bombs they made combined could make an explosion so big that it could reach a distance up to 373 miles.they have done a total of 6 tests. The test cost 10.4  billion american dollars in 2019.

The leader Kim Jong- un of North korea says “ that the whole United States is in reach of our nuclear weapons. This quote is taunting the United States but Kim said that he would only launch the missile if his security was threatened. But he also said that the US could never start a war against them because they have nuclear weapons and that they would launch them if they decided to do anything suspicious. Kim just launched his biggest test ever it reached recorded breaking numbers.