Tik Tok Star Addison Rae’s New Movie


Image courtesy of Netflix

Britt Brogna

On August 27th, 2021, the movie “He’s all that”  made its debut on Netflix. The film is centered around Tik Tok star Adision Rae. According to Netflix, more than 55 million households watched the film within the first two weeks of the release. Overnight the film reached number one on the platform in 78 countries, as the movie is very compelling. 


The Washington Post shares with us that the film, “He’s all that”, mutated from the 1999 romatcial comedy, “She’s all that”. The remake was a gender swap on the main character. The story of both films is based on the popular person in high school succeeding over the less popular students at school. “He’s all that” is a modernized version of the film, “She’s all that”. A broad summary of the film Google provides is, “An influencer who specializes in makeovers, bets that she can transform an unpopular classmate into prom king.” 


According to The Hindu, “He’s all that” is directed by Mark Waters, also the director of the famous film Mean Girls. Addison Rae plays the part of Padgett Sawyer. Padgett Sawyer is a social media influencer who makes a bet with her friends to turn a normal boy at school into prom king, after her viral public breakup. Tanner Buchanan plays Cameron Kweller, an antisocial student with a love for horses and photography.


Although Addison Rae is the star of the film, many other familiar faces are featured such as Kourntey Kardashian, Peyton Meyer and Maddison Pettis given to us by Netflix. Throughout the film the two characters Padgett and Cameron develop feelings for each other, turning this story into a romance. In the beginning of the movie, Padgett has the perfect high school life, a famous boyfriend, a social media platform, good grades, and friends. As the video of her boyfriend cheating goes viral, her life is soon to fall apart. Padgett loses her social media platform, her friends and her relationship with Cameron when he finds out all along he was just a bet. 

Addison Rae was never an actor before but was always a star. She holds a following of 83 million followers on Tik Tok. People say that she was given the movie just because of her fame, but just like everyone else, she auditioned for the part. Buchanan said, “She had to send them herself-tapes and everything. In an interview with Retuters she states, “As long as I can remember, I’ve had a huge passion for just entertaining and making people smile and being in front of a screen.” Although Addison loves being a social media influencer, this film was a start to expanding her career. Addison shared with Bill Goodykoontz, “Being part of this film is so incredible.” Addison loved taking part in the film but the producers loved the numbers she brought in even more.