Afghan Women Protest for Their Rights Under the Taliban

Victoria McIntyre

The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan again. They have been wanting to regain control of the country for the past 20 years. After 9/11, America sent troops to Afghanistan to keep control over the terrorist organizations and was successful until recently when according to TheWashington Post, Biden pulled the troops out. This has put many citizens at risk for losing their rights and safety. Women are protesting all over the country for their right to be represented in government which the Taliban has taken from them. A protest in Kabul showed women holding signs saying, “No government can deny the presence of women”(CNN). Taliban fighters punished them for their actions by using whips and sticks, brutally beating them.

Everyone should have basic human rights, yet the Taliban have taken those away from the women and children. Women are not allowed to go to school, work, or be in the government. “The Taliban have told women that they have no place in the new order,” according to a protester who was talking to CNN. The Taliban have no want to make their country safe, they just want control. Only female nurses and teachers have been allowed to continue their jobs, said another protester. The picture below is from NPR and shows women protesting like so many others.

Laila is an Afghan citizen who moved to America in 2016 and says “ In Afghanistan, all women are heroes. They are dying every day, but they are never giving up.”  The fight in Afghanistan is ongoing and will be for who knows how long. They refuse to stop fighting for the rights they deserve.