Timberlane Football’s Best Kicker


Photo Courtesy of TRHS Football

Brayden LaSala

Harrison bloom may be the Best Kicker the Owl has seen in years and most likely ever.

Harrison bloom the Kicker for the Timberlane football game got 11 points in this weeks previous game against Kennet.  He made 5 extra point kicks and 2 field goals making his percentage for kicks during the game an outstanding 7 for 7 in attempts.

To put this into perspective the most made field goal attempts for a kicker in the NFL last year was 6 completed field goals out of 8 attempts.  Harrison Bloom has made all of his attempted field goals for the season leaving him with 11 total field goals made.  With just two games into the season he already is on track to beating most Nfl Kickers.  The most field goals made last season being 37 completed field goals in a 16 game season.  Harrison Bloom has a 9 game season and is already at 11 field goals made which is just under half the most made by an NFL kicker in the last season.

I interviewed some players from the Timberlane football team on their opinion for what can be the best kicker we have ever had at Timberlane.  Cyrus LeBron had to say “Man Kicks Nukes.”  In this sentence he refers to Harrison being able to kick over 40 yard field goals during practice and kicking over 60 yard kick offs during practice.  Ethan Stewart had to say “He’s the GOAT, best kicker in the state, he’s going D1.”  Showing how much confidence and support our starting team has in our kickers ability to make his kicks.  Dominic Pallaria had to say “I think he is the best kicker we got on the team.”  With Harrison kicking for 16 points in the season he is well on his way to break any school records we had.

Harrison came all the way from being a soccer player to being recruited by the coaches to come and kick “nukes” for his team and he couldn’t be happier.  Harrison Had to say “I would love to go and play for a big team as a kicker.”  Not only is he a good kicker but he also is able to consistently make the honor roll.  Making him the best kicker Timberlane has ever had to play for them.