Sandown’s Triple Elm


Photo courtesy of Audrey Perreault

Audrey Perrault

Triple Elm in Sandown, NH opened in May of 2018. The coffee and ice cream shop has become a popular place for teens in Sandown. The employees are young and are full of energy, making it a fun atmosphere for the customers. The owner, Dave Valence, offers any help you may need when he is at the shop.


With 29 different drink options with room to customize and 40 ice cream flavors, you could say that Triple Elm has something for everyone. With only 11 yelp reviews you could say that people have mixed opinions. It seems that the people from Sandown love the shop but people who are not from the area are not fans. One yelp review from Rebecca S. said “The ice cream is ok but their prices are very high! Think I will be sticking to Fremont place for ice cream. You get a lot and it’s fair priced and on the plus side, it’s Richardson’s!!!”


I got the inside scoop from a former employee and former student of Timberlane, Elizabeth Fournier. She said, “I liked working there because it was a fun, perfect summer job!” Liz mentioned that her favorite order was a bacon egg and cheese on a plain bagel for breakfast, and her favorite ice cream was classic chocolate in a cup. 


Timberlane graduate of 2019, Billy Downes, what his thoughts were on Triple Elm and he had nothing but great things to say about the shop. “I stop to get coffee every morning at Triple Elm. I used to go to Dunkins but honestly, I prefer the taste of the coffee at Triple Elm better. Sometimes after work, I even stop for ice cream. I’m a traditional kind of guy with my coffee only getting a medium iced with regular cream and sugar but my favorite ice cream to get is moose tracks.” Billy also stated that the customer service at Triple Elm was quite impressive and that all the employees were very friendly. 


Since I am a Sandown native, I was excited to hear that a coffee shop was opening so close to my house. I love the coffee at Triple Elm and often go there when I have the time. My go-to order is a medium iced coffee with a pump of vanilla. I would recommend going for the breakfast items but ice cream is still a good option. My go-to breakfast item is a sausage egg and cheese on a french toast bagel. The bagels at Triple Elm are quite good and I like that the sandwich is always hot when I receive it. 


The costs at Triple Elm are a little pricey, but I would say that it is worth the money if you like to support a local business. A breakfast sandwich ranges from $3.65- $4.35 depending on what you get on it. All hot beverages are between $1.50 and $4.40, an iced beverage ranges from $1.55- $5.00, and lastly, ice cream is between $3.25- $8.00. All of these prices do not include meals tax. All menu items and prices are included on the Triple Elm website. You can also order from their website online and have it ready for when you arrive. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks at a local coffee/ ice cream shop then the visit to Triple Elm is well worth it!