Drake’s Certified Lover Boy: Good but Predictable

Josh Andrade

On September 3, 2021, Drake released his most recent, and what critics have been calling his “most predictable album,” ‘Certified Lover Boy.’ This is due to the conflicting nature of the drama he talks about on his tracks as well as the common sound across most of his music. Fans were waiting for a change in his melodic style and flow, but these changes turned out to be nonexistent.


In an article from Vulture, author Craig Jenkins states, “Lover Boy is more like Drake’s Expendables. Every sound is crisp, expensive. Every guest is accomplished and well-rehearsed. But it still feels predictable.” This quote shows that despite having good collaborations and extremely good sound, artists still use some recycled lyrics and beats. This statement can also be seen as the artists’ music has evolved.


Drake is known for his constant drama when it comes to other A-list celebrities. This drama is the fuel to Drakes music, but seems to keep his beats and lyrics too similar to that of the past. Even an article from Entertainment Weekly said, “But within seconds, he’s back on his proverbial bulls–t, fixated on enemies while extolling the surface-level virtues of his massive wealth and fame.” Author Gary Suarez stated that fans and critics alike believed that Certified Lover Boy would be the album that showed the most growth between Drake’s boyhood and manhood. This proved to be false, as he begins to throw lyrical jabs at other celebrities that he has had altercations with.


It has also become apparent in his newest album that Drake seems emotionally trapped in the “empire he’s built and the narrator-character he’s created,” says Matthew Strauss from Pitchfork. Strauss’ quote helps understand the subtle shots at other celebrities as Drake feels that he’s stuck being this one person that he had created for himself. Drake believes the only way to then continue to grasp attention from media is to publicly create conflicts. 


Since the release of the ‘Certified Lover Boy’, both critics, fans, and even other artists have noticed the repetitiveness of Drake’s music. has led to a popular trend in his lyrics, which seem to be aimed towards other celebrities. It seems as though the artist is lost in a fog that is blocking new styles of music from emerging from his repertoire. Although the music and lyrics are somewhat repetitive, Drakes’ new album is still full of amazing sound and gives a sort of nostalgic feeling.