Bank Fraud by Manager in Salem

Jayson Caissie

Kazi Pervez, who managed a Santander Bank branch in Salem, managed to “steal or attempt to steal more than $560,000 from the bank,” according to an article by the United States Department of Justice. 


According to an article by Union Leader, Pervez used his position as branch manager to steal money from the bank by opening new accounts in the name of deceased customers. He then took funds in amounts that exceeded the balance of these accounts. Pervez used his position as branch manager to authorize the overdraft from the account.

Not only did Pervez steal from the bank, but he stole from deceased customers by identifying the accounts of deceased customers and transferring funds from those accounts to his own. By targeting these accounts, he could withdraw money without anyone noticing. Pervez maintained several accounts within Santander and other banks, which he transferred funds between.


According to an article by the United States Department of Justice, Pervez has been fraudulently stealing money “From at least April of 2016 until September of 2017.” He and his wife have used the money for their own personal use and to pay bills.


After being recently caught and pleading guilty to federal bank fraud, Pervez had to give up more than $400,000 to the government to make restitution.


Criminals entrusted with power can steal large amounts of money from numerous people with ease.  “The U.S. Secret Service is committed to investigating complex fraud schemes that involve the exploitation of vulnerable and deceased victims,” stated Timothy Benitez, Resident Agent in Charge of the U.S. Secret Service’s New Hampshire Office.


He pleaded guilty on March 29th. According to Manchesterinklink, which is a media company based in Manchester, “Pervez’s guilty plea set up possible prison time.” Perves is scheduled to be sentenced on August 5, 2021. He remains free on personal recognizance until then.