Rising Gas Prices

Jared Appleton

Gas prices have increased mainly based on demand since our economy has been bouncing back from coronavirus. Demand for gas is much higher now than ever before. In April 2020, gas priced at the minimum of 1.87 a gallon. Today, the gas price average is 2.72 a gallon. That is roughly half the price increase in two months as of February, 2021. This has been even higher  in one state, which is California.

California has had strict rules about emission regulations, even stricter than National Federal Regulations. The state concluded an agenda to inhibit drilling and production within the states borders. California’s main goal is to reduce emissions in their state, and has been rather more successful in comparison to other states. All vehicles in the state require smog inspections. Certain

diesel vehicles that have a GVWR of 14,000 lbs or less are required to be tested if it’s newer than 1998. Electric vehicles have also been common. Gas prices in California range between 3.60 and peaks at roughly 3.885 per gallon. To show the difference, gas in Texas tops out at 2.626 per gallon. This is nearly a 47% increase per gallon in california nationally all for the intention of saving emissions.

Nationally, the demand and the government has had an affect on gas prices. Demand for gas has dramatically increased due to restrictions for covid decreasing. In addition, biden also has a major role in this topic. Just the fact that biden is targeting the oil or gas industry has made company´s rise their prices dramatically. Yes he has the good intention of reducing emissions, however how will the economy handle this? Well it will be difficult since what America solely relies on is oil and gas.

Eventually after not requiring oil, the economy will be entirely independent on electricity to power everything. This means all vehicles will have to be electric for people to handle this change financially. That will most certainly reduce atmosphere emissions by quite a bit. However oil will steel be needed for small engine mechanics, such as lawn tractors and mowers. There has been a slight introduction to electric mowers through one brand that I know of; Cub Cadet. This brand has invented three completely electric mowers. One tractor, RZT zero turn mower, and a small 30” rider. However the quality of the cut they produce is no comparison to other mowers with kawasaki / kohler engines. 

In conclusion, todayś economy is concerned about the future of this planet, and controlling emissions while keeping the economy running pristine. I gotta say it is impressive with all California has done to improve their emissions.