What new Fundraisers are Project Hope Doing?

Averie Bowman

Due to the pandemic, like most organizations, Project Hope had to get creative with fundraising. Project Hope is an organization solely for the purpose of fundraising money which we can donate back to families in our community. Even the Strut for a Cure Fashion Show, sure it is also fun and we spend a lot of time planning it, is just another fundraiser, our biggest fundraiser. 


Project Hope student leader, Billy Savage, states, “I feel that Project Hope’s fundraising is doing a tremendous job considering the spot that the pandemic put the organization in. We have done multiple fundraising events and have raised a lot of money for families in need and we haven’t even had the fashion show yet which is our biggest fundraiser for the organization. It’s a great feeling when you are able to give families in need money to help with their expenses and see the positive effect it has within the community.” I strongly believe that all members of project hope would agree with Billy’s statement as we are all working hard to do great things for our community and nonprofit organizations. 


In years past the only clothing item sold was the Strut for a Cure Tshirt of that year. This year we got creative and not only sold T Shirts, but we created and sold Crewnecks. The sweatshirts were a hit and brought in necessary funds and also helped to spread the word about Project Hope throughout the community. Project Hope member, Maddie Pettengill says, “I think the crewnecks were a great idea because they are a timeless piece that I can wear all the time and spread the word about the organization.”


Typically we would hold a 5k at the school, providing water stations and a set 5k course to run/walk. However, this year we had, to make it virtual. It may have been disappointing compared to the fun of the 5k in the past, but it was equally as successful. Participants were given a time span in which they had to complete a 3.1 mile run and track their route and finishing time. All participants had made donations prior to running the race, which ensured them the possibility of winning a crew neck sweatshirt. 


It seems like Project Hope is all about the Fashion show, doesn’t it? Well, all those meetings, the planning, and the stress is partially to put on the Strut for a Cure Fashion Show, but it is also the question of, how can this fashion show bring in the most money possible? Strut for a cure is our biggest fundraiser every year. The ticket selling, the raffle baskets, the bake stand, and selling project hope merchandise all in one night brings in the most funds. Which is why it was so important that we found ways to still put this show on.