Target’s New Skincare Line


Image courtesy of Target/amie

Kayla Pothier

Early 2021 brought dozens of new skincare products to our local Target shelves. Some skincare products are top of the line, such as Amie, which is new to Target in February 2021. According to the Amie website, their products are “naturally kind” and they are for all skin types. Face washes, moisturizers, facial mists, makeup remover wipes, and detoxifying masks are offered by Amie at all Target stores across the country. I think this skincare line is very affordable and gives options to all people with different skin types. 

Last week I was browsing the aisles of Targets beauty section when I came across the Amie skin care line. I picked up a bottle of their face wash and looked at the ingredients on the back to find out that almost all of the product in the face wash is natural! 95% to be exact. I was curious to see what skin type I would fall under, so I browsed the selection which includes oily skin, dull/lackluster skin, and normal/ dry skin. I have been experiencing oily skin due to the temperatures rising so I bought the oily skin face wash and moisturizer. According to Amie Skincares website, their products “are developed with 95% natural ingredients”, which is why they say it is “naturally kind.” All of the products are also vegan, and animal cruelty free. After using it for a week, I can say that it has definitely helped with controlling how oily my skin gets. 

Some cons I have been noticing is that my acne caused by wearing a face mask is returning after using this new product. My mom has also tried this new brand, and says that “the face wash can be very rough on sensitive skin as it has exfoliating beads in it, but this product has helped my skin maintain it’s natural shine.” The mask may be the cause of my acne, because not many skincare products can protect you from sweating under a mask all day. My skin may just be adjusting to the new products in this skincare, but I also am going to try crossing certain skincare products that I have used in the past with the face wash by Amie, because it has drastically improved my oily skin. 

             A competing brand that I have used previous to this new product is called “Ordinary”. They also offer dozens of different products for all skin types, but some of the products are more specific in what they can do to help your skin. They also provide a small line of makeup products that are geared specifically to help your skin while also covering blemishes and under eye circles. Personally, the Ordinary products have worked wonders for my skin. Their products are affordable and easy to buy as they are in stores like Ulta Beauty or even Target. 

Overall, the Amie skincare line has been a pleasant experience with it being sold in Target. With that being said, I do believe that if you spend the extra money to get better skincare products, that you may see higher results in less time. I do like that the face wash has decreased my oily skin, but I do not like that some of my acne has returned since starting the use of it. I will continue to use the face wash with other products that I have used and liked in the past.