Fully In School

Michael Hollow

For one year, students have dealt with remote learning. Students have faced challenges not only across America, but throughout the whole entire world. We can blame the Covid-19 Pandemic for causing this. With people getting vaccinated on the rise, there is hope that all schools will be fully back in school with no remote learning anymore potentially by next school year. Fortunately, a lot of schools are already able to be back in school five days a week for the remainder of the school year. Our local high school TRHS is one of those lucky schools. The neighboring town of Haverhill MA is also fully back in school now.

From last March until this March, some students were going to school via a zoom option. Timberlane has had the cohort schedule in place for a while now but never fully back in school until recently. While having all students back seems concerning to some, Timberlane is following all local and CDC guidelines, and what they are doing is completely allowed. Obviously there is still the option to be a remote student because of special circumstances, which is great for people who are not comfortable with coming back into school. Each student and faculty member has their own situations. 

With students being back in the building, the faculty has done a great job with ensuring a clean environment. Multiple times throughout the day I see faculty washing down door handles and frequently touched surfaces. There’s been probably a dozen added hand sanitizer dispensers in the school which is super nice. Another precaution is that at the end of each class students must wipe down their areas with disinfecting wipes.