Terrifying Shooting in Colorado



AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Madison Pettengill

A traumatizing event occurred at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado on a Monday in mid March. According to The Washington Post, ten people were killed when a man opened fire on customers and then police officers when they arrived. The Denver area has experienced several mass shootings since Columbine, including a shooting at a cinema in the town. However, this tragic event is the most recent.


The store was surrounded by emergency vehicles as soon as law enforcement received the call about an active shooter. One witness described the scene as “chaotic” and also said, “there were dozens of people rushing out all doors of the store.” The Washington Post reported that the gunman went into the store without saying a word and started firing. No one was safe during this attack that lasted almost an hour, and most people were hiding or went running to the back of the store to exit through the loading dock. 


Thankfully, law enforcement officials left the scene with the 21-year-old suspect and his rifle in custody. The Washington Post states, “…they offered scarce details about the deadly shooting, including any information about a possible motive.” The whole situation left people scared for their lives, and it is sad that all of this took place in a grocery store. No one can even go and get groceries for their family anymore without feeling like they are risking their life. 


It is unfortunate to note that a Boulder officer since 2010 lost his life during this shooting. His name was Talley, and he left behind his wife as well as seven children. His friend, Jeremy Herko, spoke out about the type of man Tally was, “He absolutely loved his job and wanted to serve the community despite my best efforts to talk him out of it.” Tally will always be remembered in the Boulder community. 


The ten people who lost their life ranged from 20 to 65 years old, according to ABC News. Hopefully some justice can be reached and the gunman will be punished since a court date is arriving in the near future. Maybe one day we can live in a world where we do not have to think about mass shootings.