Theory of Relativity


Photo taken by Chris Baldwin

Chris Baldwin

Last year, the Timberlane Players produced a musical called “Pippin.” Sadly ,due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the musical was cancelled just a few days before it’s opening days. But, with all of the cast members putting in all of that hard work, COVID still did not stop them from putting on a show. The cast members worked together and recorded themselves singing the opening song and edited it into a video so anyone could see the opening. 


With school now being back full time, Mr. Constantineau found a musical that is presentable in our current situation. Mr. Constantineau chose the musical called “Theory of Relativity”. The musical is about how our lives are connected in ways that we do not know about right away. 


Mr. Constantineau stated that one of the main problems was finding a musical that followed COVID guidelines, but he was able to find one that sounds very interesting. As of April 1st the auditions were done and the cast members got released. The cast will be working hard during April break to make sure that the musical is almost ready to perform. During the musical, while rehearsing and performing, the cast members will be wearing masks and the limited spectators in the audience will also be masked as well. 


Timberlane Player Tayler Aprile also had a few things to say “I am so excited to be back performing with the Timberlane Players! They create such a healthy atmosphere to have the feeling to be thrilled with coming back into the theater world. But of course the pandemic has created some obstacles, but it won’t stop us from putting on a great show. The Theory of Relativity is a production that you do not need to be close to an actor to get your point across. We will have to be distanced on stage along with wearing masks, but it will still be a Timberlane Player production that you do not want to miss”


The days to see the musical are May 13th, 14th, and 15th. There will also be a limited number of about 200-240 people allowed to attend, but there will be a live stream for anyone who wants to watch the musical but can not attend.