Does Aroma Joe’s Deserve the Hype?


Photo Courtesy of Aroma Joe’s

Aryana Anthony

For about a year the newest Aroma Joe’s was built on the Plaistow/Haverhill border. There were a lot of suspicions that it would not have good business because it was across from Heavenly Donuts and located in a bad spot. Fast forward to the present almost every teenager or young adult is spending their weekly paycheck to get Aroma’s.

Almost every student at Timberlane has paid a visit to Aroma’s this past year. Usually before school, in between classes, or after school. A time period that had most Timberlane students going to Aroma’s was during the pandemic. 

This is where the rush addictions began for most students.

When thinking of Aroma’s the first thing that pops into most people’s heads is their famous rushes. These sugary drinks are similar to red bull and give you the same kick that most people need to get through the day. What also makes them popular is the variety of flavors you can choose from.

But is Aromas overrated? Does it get too much hype?

I am one of the few students who does not like Aroma’s. My go-to drink is coffee and in the past, the coffees I have gotten from there have been too sweet for my liking.

However, most people like having the ratio of their coffee being more sugar and cream than coffee.

In my opinion that is gross. It is not coffee after that.

I have also had 3 rushes in my life. All I have to say is it tastes like NyQuil.

And I HATE NyQuil.

But what makes Aroma’s addicting to some and what do people dislike?

Monica Bajgrowicz is someone who has spent about $500 at Aroma’s for a 32 oz. iced PB Mocha coffee version. She says, “This has been my coffee order for about a year and there has been no coffee that I have enjoyed this much.”

Skye Priest is someone that cannot go a day without a rush. In the past, she has said, “ I would never have money for gas but somehow I always had enough for Aroma’s.”

Almost any student you asked has said they love rushes. And most students get sugar-free to make it “less sugary”. 

From what I have heard from people like me is that it is overrated and too sugary. Maria Cioto has said, “I would never waste my money there when I can get a simple ice coffee way cheaper at Heavenly.”

Do you feel like Aroma Joe’s has been hyped up too much?