Will the Surf Club Happen this Year?

Averie Bowman

I am happy to say that yes, the surf club is on for the 2020-2021 school year. Although we had a late start, we still have things in the works. The club had our first meeting on Thursday, March 4th. We discussed creating new T-shirts, stickers, and a possible surf trip over the summer. Mr. Kelly, surf club advisor, states, “surfing was one of the few things that people could still enjoy safety during the pandemic, so it was our goal to continue surf club in a safe and positive way this year. The goal for TRHS surf club this year is to spread positive energy and hopefully get a few cool T-Shirts and stickers printed for the club.” 


Unfortunately we will not be able to take a trip to any indoor surf facilities this year as we had planned last school year. In March of last year,  we had a trip planned to go indoor surfing, permission slips signed, and checks in hand. However, the week before our planned day, COVID hit and the school shut down. 


Tim Trasatti, a surf club alumni and class of 2020 senior, said that he “was super bummed when COVID hit and we were unable to go on the surf trip that we had planned. As a senior those were things we looked forward to, so having that taken from us was frustrating.” Leaving the surf club last year on such a disappointing occurrence only made returning members more excited to come back this year and do everything we can to make the surf club the best it can be. 


I advise all underclassmen looking to get more involved to join surf club. Especially if you are a surfer or are looking to get into it. It is not like an honor society with a required amount of service hours, strict attendance policies, or required dues. Current surf club member, Emma Antkowiak, said “I like being around others with the same interests as me.” It is simply a way to get involved, meet new people, have fun, and spread positivity.


Although there is not a ton we can do this school year, getting the group together a few times after school is enough fun in itself.