How To Be Less- Stressed, and More Relaxed

Kayla Pothier

The past year has taught us all what stress is, if we had not known already, and how it can differ from person to person. Stress can range from mental factors such as anxiety, depression, constant thinking and racing thoughts, or can be as simple as worrying about your test grade on your math test. Big or small, young or old, stress can emotionally and mentally drag a person down and make them a whole different person. Here are some ways that you can manage stress, and most importantly, relax. 

Dealing with stress can put a physical and mental burden over you. According to an article produced by Web.MD, stress can be eased by exercising at least four out of seven days a week. This includes two hours of vigorous physical activity such as playing a sport, swimming laps, or going for a jog/ run. You should focus on setting fitness goals so that you have goals to meet, and you will not find yourself giving up. You can also bring one of your family members or friends with you to work out. Having someone you know with you at the gym makes you more comfortable and willing to push yourself more. 

Eating well is another way of decreasing your stress levels. Eating a well balanced diet regularly will help you feel better in general. Cutting out sugar and carb filled foods is an easy way to help your eating habits be better. According to Today’s Dietitian, you should fill your meals with nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to allow your body to maintain good energy levels. Skipping meals or not eating good meals can be bad as it will put you in a bad mood, which also increases your stress. Personally, I feel like starting your day with a good healthy breakfast increases the chances of being less stressed and more relaxed because your body will have the energy to fulfill your day. 

With work and school work aside, you should also make time for hobbies, family, and friends. Having hobbies or activities to do with family or friends can take your mind off the stress for a temporary period of time.  For example, my mom is  a realtor and she always finds time to set aside for herself and my step dad and I. Her having that time set aside where she wont need to work is something she looks forward to and helps her tremendously. The days and times vary week to week due to her work load.

As for staying relaxed, you can focus on your hobbies, or you can find other things to do to occupy your time. Those things include listening to music, writing, and talking to your friends about your stress. Doing things such as your hobbies and listening to music can help you temporarily relax and clear your mind from the stress that you are having. Self care is time that allows you to focus on yourself. You can spend that time by taking a bath, or maybe taking a drive alone. Sometimes being alone helps people to take a step back and analyze why they are so stressed, and that can help them relax.

Overall, we all experience stress in all different ways in our everyday lives, and it is very much normal. It can be as small as worrying about a test grade, or it can be something mentally challenging that is a burden on you. Big or small, stress can alter your persona and change how you normally are, causing you to lose interest in things that used to be important to you, and that’s why relaxing is very important as well. Relaxing gives you time to yourself so that in the midst of all the stress, you still take care of yourself. Managing stress and finding a good way to relax and relieve stress is different for everyone, but is very important.