How David Pastrnak has become a Dunkin’ Icon

Connor Pelletier

Over the past few years David Pastrnak has become one of the many young talents in the NHL. Known for his goal scoring ability and his personality, David has become an elite player. On ice, Pastrnak is a goal scoring machine. However off ice he seems to be smiling constantly, making him a perfect personality for commercials. 

Over the years, Dunkin’ has had many athletes in their commercials to promote their products to different audiences. The latest of these advertisements is a series with Pastrnak. The first commercial showed Pastrnak headed to the penalty box after being called for a trip. Once David reaches the penalty box there is Dunkin’ store with a barista who even knows his order: a large dunkin cold brew. Pastrnak orders a medium instead since he only has two minutes in the penalty box. Pastrnak then proceeds to tell the referee to check his voicemail since he missed some penalty calls. The commercial was a hit it was funny and memorable helping advertise Dunkin’. since Pastrnak was so perfect in te first commercial dunkin decided to lunch  second commercial with both him and the U.S. women’s hockey team captain Kendall Coyne Schofield.

The next series of commercials featured Kendall and David explaining chirps (jabs or insults to other players). There were several versions of this commercial, some of the commercial even included a knitted Bruins cuzy that Pastrnak knitted himself to hold his cold brew.’s Keith Lusby, Vice President, Media, Dunkin’ U.S., “Hockey is a big part of Dunkin’s heritage, and our part in keeping the NHL, players, teams, fans and families running all season long underscores that where there’s hockey, there’s Dunkin’.  This commercial was very funny as well and it would not be the last time those two would team up with Dunkin.

 During the 2020 NHL all star games Schofield and Pastrnak participated in a shootout for charity with retired NHL star Patrick Sharp. The shootout was to see who could hit all the targets in the shortest amount of time. In 2019 Pastrnak won the NHL all star accuracy challenge beating some of the NHL’s best shooters. This time Pastrnak would place second as Patrick Sharp beat him. It was good to see 3 hockey stars have some fun and give to a good cause. Both players helped donate five thousand dollars each to the dunkin’ joy in childhood foundation. 

Recently Pastrnak was in another NHL commercial with Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie. These commercials feature the two forwards as animated bubble hockey players. Bubble hockey is a miniaturized version of hockey with players that slide on runners and spin so you can hit the puck. When asked about the commercials Dunkin replied “We’ve got a ‘little’ something bubbling with TJ Oshie and David Pastrnak,”. 

One of the commercial depicts the Capitals with no goalie in the net, A confused Oshie asks if you can pull the goalie in bubble hockey. The goalie responds that he was just going to get a cold brew since the puck is stuck where no one can get it again. The commercial then cuts to an animated Pastrnak trying desperately to get the puck even asking for a little help. This would not be the last time that T.J. and David would have trouble getting to something in the bubble. The second bubble commercial features the two trying to get their cold brews from a dunkin employee who also is stuck on a slider. You can imagine how that went. 

The Dunkin commercials have been a real treat for fans and have been very good for Dunkin helping them bring publicity to their brand while also making a fun and memorable commercial. Pastrnak’s personality has definitely thrived in the Dunkin commercials and has also helped his popularity.Hopefully we will see more of the commercials with the upcoming star in the future.