Nelly’s Pizza Shop

Michael Hollow

Usually we find ourselves wondering what new restaurant we should try for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When we think about these things we are generally out and about or on the go.  Sometimes you may find yourself in downtown Haverhill. This is where Nelly‘s Pizza Shop comes into place. If you are looking for an awesome place to grab lunch or dinner Nelly should be on the top of your list. Located in the convenient downtown area it’s only a 10 minute ride from the Plaistow area.


Some of you may be wondering what makes this place different from all the other pizza shops in our area. Nelly´s is brand new and is proud to serve only the top quality dishes like chicken broccoli and ziti. Given that Nelly’s is a new business, they have all  brand new equipment and the best pizza ovens you can find in the area. I should add in that I suggest you call ahead to see if there will be a long wait before placing your order to see how busy they are. Since opening they have gained much attention. 


So now you know about Nelly’s pizza shop and where it is. There’s one more thing, what to get. I want to tell you my favorite item as well as regular customer Lily Hood’s favorite dish. I’m going to start by talking about their meatball subs. I prefer mine not toasted with no cheese. I know a meatball sub sounds very boring but just try it and see what I’m talking about. They’re meatballs are homemade. Most places have frozen ones that they heat up and throw in your sub. No not Nellys. All homemade prepared throughout the day and delicious. Regular customer Lily had nothing but good things to say as well about the food when asked in an interview. According to Lily the “ Italian subs are like no other and you can only find the best subs at Nellys.” I agree and I’m sure many other customers do as well.


Some of you may be wondering how big of a bite a trip to Nellys is going to be out of your wallet, well thankfully not that much. When compared to other local pizza and sub shops in the area, Nellys comes in around the same as its competitors according to its yelp reviews. You can get a full sub for around eight dollars which is really great. Their subs are bigger than most places. I often find myself not able to finish the entire sub, which gives me two meals for the price of one meal. 


I would recommend Nellys to anybody, anyday, and anywhere. It has great food, for a great price too. It’s conveniently located in the center of Haverhill for quick and easy pick up. Go and try them out and I promise you will be amazed. Their food is great for a night out with friends and great adventures.