Shopping on Shein

Kira Ouellette

Online shopping store, Shein, has recently become popular among teenagers for their clothes, bathing suits, and accessories. The fast fashion online store is known for its huge selection of quality clothing for a cheap price.The company was founded in China and is super popular with American teens. The company sells clothes for men, but is more popular and has moreoptions for women. According to South China Morning Post, Shein has beat out many American retail brandswhen it coms to selling clothes including Nike, Pacsun, and Urban Outfitters. They sell similar alternatives for high-end and trendy clothing which appeals to teens. 


Shipping for Shein packages is known to take around one or two weeks, since they are based in China. On the bright side, if you spend $49 or more, you qualify for free shipping. A website that reviewed Shein,, wrote in their article, “A benefit of ordering from Shein is that, if you live in the U.S., you’re entitled to free returns within 40 days of purchase. This is a great benefit for the online store to offer since you are not able to try out the clothing and accessories before ordering.”


Bathing suits from Shein have been trending now that we are getting closer to summer. They offer a wide variety of popular bathing suit styles, while prices usually range from only $5 – $20. A review from a Shein shopper has stated, “The best place to get inexpensive swimsuits that are good quality and they have a lot of different options to pick from.” Shein announced in a press release that they add 500 new fashion items to their website every day. “We do this because we believe that the clothes we wear reflect our different personalities and we want to empower today’s women to explore and express their individuality,”  the company says. 


Shein is also known for their special discounts and deals. Another Shein shopper from Timberlane said,  “I like that the clothing is reasonably priced and always has good sales. You can also get points to use on your orders to get money off your total price.” They offer numerous discounts throughout the website and different ways to earn Shein points. Every 100 points = $1, and you can use these points to deduct up to 70% off the total price of your order. 


Shein is a great website for teens to order quality clothing and accessories. With their cheap prices, they offer a number of discounts and ways to get money off your order. With the variety of clothes and new items added every day, Shein is guaranteed to have something for everyone.