Bumpy Sandown Roads

Chris Baldwin

The roads of Sandown, New Hampshire have been cursed with a massive amount of potholes. Whether coming from school or going to see a friend or family member, drivers are bound to hit a bunch of potholes. The main street of Sandown also known as 121 A is not as bad because the state owns the road. Due to it being a state owned road it gets paved more often than the other roads. But the other roads are not as great.

Roads such as Hampstead Road, Odell road, Royal Range road, and Little Mill road are very bad with potholes, and the drive on them is bumpy regardless of what vehicle is being used. The road named “Wells Village” is a very interesting road, because half of it is in Sandown and the other half is owned by Chester. According to Connor Pelletier, a Timberlane senior and Sandown resident, “the Sandown side of Wells Village got paved recently and it is a nice drive on it”. There were also opinions from a few more Sandown residents. The Sandown selectman Darren Hudgins had a few words about the roads too: “I don’t like them. We fell behind with a previous road agent, prior to that road agent our roads were being neglected due to tax money. In march there is a vote to raise money to fix some of the roads”. 

Sandown resident Jamie Gibbs also had this to say, “The roads I drive on are decent but as you go more north they are not as good”. And finally Sandown resident Dee Bixby had this to say also “The main roads are wonderful, but the side roads are not taken care of as well as the main roads” 

Overall the Sandown roads are pretty bad but thankfully the town is doing something about it. The town is trying to pass a bill to raise money to fix the roads.