Boba Tea


Image courtesy of The Spruce

Maddie Zambrowicz

Boba tea, which is also known as bubble tea, is a popular drink that originated in the early 1980’s in Taiwan. This drink is not tea but it is a tea based product and on the bottom there are chewy tapioca balls also known as boba. There are many different ways to make this drink along with a variety of flavors. It is important to understand that, although boba is an extremely tasty treat. Supported with the facts down below, it is only good to consume this drink in moderation. 

It has been stated that boba tea is so addicting to buy because of the high levels of sugar. Even though the drink has high sugar levels, the calories and carbohydrates can provide the customer with a boost of energy. This drink if somebody consumes it too much can cause diabetes and obesity.

 The saddest part about boba tea is that it is all carbs. This drink doesn’t have any vitamins, mineral content or fiber. It is also very high in calories. There was a pretty big health scare in Germany in 2012. Researchers from University Hospital Aachen found chemicals in the drinks that are only located in motor oil, definitely not food. But thankfully this scare has been cleared up through a later investigation. Lastly, although bubble tea is a very tasty drink it should be consumed in moderation. It’s not good to drink every day but it is okay to treat yourself every once in a while.

There are not many places that sell this tea around here, but some places that do have it are Tutti Frutti in the Rockingham Mall, Bubble Bee Milk Tea at the Merrimack Outlets, Kung Fu Tea in Manchester NH, Steampunk Station in Haverhill MA, and Jen Ju Boba Tea In Newburyport MA. 

Spoon University shares that boba tea has other names like pearl tea, and tapioca tea., Spoon University also states that the name bubble does not come from the tapioca balls, it refers to the foam at the top of the drink if someone were to shake it. Also, boba did not originate in America. After it got popular in Taiwan, the drink spread to over 30 countries. Many people did not know this but Mcdonalds sold this popular drink. Unforntally it was only the McDonalds in Germany and not any other locations in the United States.

Some more facts stated from Spoon University are that boba is made out of a root vegetable. The boba balls are made by removing starch from a plant native to Brazil. Another interesting fact about boba is that it has the consistency of a gummy bear. There are also many different flavors for boba, you can get milk tea or fruit tea and add the tapioca balls. The fruit tea flavors the places offer that are listed above are, strawberry, passion fruit, honeydew, mango, peach, and plum. Although boba tea is most popular for their cold drinks, you can also get this tea hot.

Emily Ahearn, a sophomore at Timberlane Regional High School, loves boba tea. She buys her boba tea at Tutti Frutti at the Rockingham Mall in Salem NH. When asked what her favorite boba tea is she stated, ¨ My favorite tea flavor is strawberry along with the strawberry boba balls.¨ Boba is very expensive compared to other fast food drinks.Emily feels that ¨although boba tea is $7, it is definitely worth the money every once in a while. Although boba tea is expensive and not the healthiest drink, it is a tasty treat every once in a while.

 Boba tea is very popular but it does have its pros and cons. Not many people know where to purchase this drink but once you find it, it is a very sugary treat. Everything is good in moderation and if you have the chance boba is definitely worth the try.