Beary Scary

Robert Olson and Devon Simmons

You cannot run. You cannot hide. The big brown bears are coming after your pride. Luckily, dignity was the only thing lost by the skier who was chased down Predeal Mountain in Romania on January 23. 


According to Janine Puhak of Fox News, bear encounters are anything but rare occurrences around this time of year in Romania. However, no skier wants to have a fun day of frolicking on the powdery slopes ruined by a big furry dude. 


On January 23, a man on skies was trailed by a big bear down a slope on Predeal mountain in Romania. This event was an example of a fear that many face when sliding down hills of fresh powder. 


According to avid bear boy, Alex Braga, the press has been a little too hard on the furry friend. “I don’t think the bear would have hurt him! I bet he was just lonely and needed a friend,” Alex proclaimed, “I don’t like how the media is demonizing this bear who never showed any evidence of malicious behavior. Justice for my little guy!”


The puffy pedestrians can be really scary, but the skier was able to pull himself together to make a life saving maneuver. In order to distract the big boy from the chase, the skier wound up and violently launched his backpack full of awesome little nick nacks to the side of the mountain. This new and exciting turn of events snatched the attention of the grizzly mountain pest, who turned to the bag to investigate, allowing the attentive escaper to slide down to safety.


Moral of the story is, if you’re ever in a pinch with a big bear, give him your satchel of toys so you can jog away.