Good Eats – Chipotle


Photo courtesy of Chipotle

Michael Hollow

Chipotle is a popular mexican style restaurant known by many across the country that serves a variety of different Mexican food items. It specializes in preparing its food quickly and efficiently all while keeping the same great flavor. Although Chipotle’s food is served in the fast food type manner, it sure does not taste anything like fast food. They focus on serving authentic Mexican style dishes just like an actual Mexican restaurant would according to a study done by the University of Nebraska. Chipotle is a quick and easy option for a nice and delicious meal.


Chipotle has many great options on the menu. The great thing about their menu is it’s very customizable, and almost every option can be made specifically to how you like. Chipotle offers many items such as burrito bowls, burritos, and many toppings and sides to go on these items. The chips are also delicious to go with your meal, you do have to pay extra for those. According to avid Chipotle customer Lily Hood she says one of the best dishes at Chipotle is  “ A burrito bowl with brown rice, Pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce, cheese, and steak.” This meal is a common pick for many chipotle customers including myself, it’s delicious.


Although Chipotle is a Mexcian restaurant, and there’s many of those around I really would say they don’t have much competition. I say this because Chipotle is the quick and easy version of a Mexican restaurant. You can be in and out of the restaurant within ten minutes unlike normal Mexican restaurants where you can be there for around an hour. People will often choose the quick and easy way when they are in a rush. Which quite often a lot of people are therefore creating more of a customer base for Chipotle. The one competition I do see for Chipotle is Taco Bell given they’re both a Mexican style restaurants and focus on fast and efficient meals. There is a huge difference between the two restaurants though, and that is quality. Chipotle simply has  better tasting and healthier food. That being said Chipotle is more expensive than Taco Bell which creates a pretty good competition when you weigh in the pros and cons of the two restaurants.


The Chipotle in Haverhill MA had to start operating a little bit differently once Covid-19 struck. At first they were limiting their occupancy of how many people could be in the restaurant. Once Covid-19 progressed they made more changes to how they were going to operate. The location in Haverhill MA started doing online orders only where you order through the app or online and you pick up in the restaurant. You could also order it online and have it delivered by Uber Eats or DoorDash, which can be very convenient and easy.


Chipotle is a great choice for any person when looking for an awesome lunch or dinner. Given the convenience and deliciousness of the food, this is a go to option for many people. With its healthier menu than most regular fast food restaurants, you can expect to see the customer volume go up in each restaurant. The “ healthy “ trend has become more popular all across the country. Chipotle is a great restaurant overall, and many people across America can say the same.